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Vender relojes, joyas y diamantes al mejor precio de forma segura, fácil y con pago inmediato.

Vender relojes, joyas y diamantes al mejor precio de forma segura, fácil y con pago inmediato.

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Sell Mikimoto jewelry

If you want to sell your Mikimoto jewelry, trust the experts at Bonhill.

Currently, it is the leading producer of top-quality cultured pearls. Pieces elaborated with absolute excellence from the selection of materials to the mastery of craftsmanship. Everything taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Selling Mikimoto jewelry is a moment to remember just like your purchase, which is why Bonhill has expert Mikimoto jewelry buyers who will guide and advise you through the process of selling your Mikimoto jewelry to make it a pleasant and trustworthy experience.

By not having intermediaries within our distribution channel, we can guarantee the highest valuation for your Tag Heuer watch and immediate payment. If you want to sell your Tag Heuer you can get a valuation making an appointment to your nearest Bonhill office or sending pictures of your watch by Whatsapp, telephone, online form or email.

You can request a valuation of your Mikimoto jewelry by sending images or making an appointment in our offices by Whatsapp, Phone, Online form or Mail.

History of Mikimoto

The art of pearl cultivation

The Mikimoto luxury pearl company began when Japanese entrepreneur Mikimoto Kökichi cultured the first pearl, starting the cultured pearl industry.

The first pearl store, opened in 1899, sold natural seed pearls and semicircular pearls. Over time the business expanded internationally, opening stores first in London, then in Paris, Shanghai, Bombay and several US states.

Thus, it is essential to be advised by the best professionals when selling a Mikimoto jewel, as only an expert can identify the character and value of these pieces.

Did you know about the firm’s four main pearl varieties?

The first is originally from Japan, the so-called Akoya pearls. They can be found from 3 to 10 mm in white, gold, green or pink.

Pearls coming from the seas of Australia, Philippines and Indonesia are called South Sea pearls. With a subtle golden or silver hue, they usually measure more than 10 mm.

South Sea black pearls, cultivated in Tahiti and Okinawa, are those with a greenish black color.

The only variety originating from the Mikimoto firm are snail pearls. These pearls are collected from queen conchs in the Caribbean.


What Mikimoto Jewelry can you sell?

At Bonhill we are specialists in the purchase of Mikimoto jewelry, regardless of their year of manufacture, from the oldest to the newest.

Our team is made up of real Mikimoto enthusiasts who know the entire history of the firm and know how to appreciate its models such as its famous pearl necklaces. If you have another model or an antique Mikimoto jewel, do not hesitate to contact our experts so that they can give you the best valuation for your jewel.

At Bonhill we know the special value of each piece of Mikimoto jewelry, that’s why we carefully evaluate each and every detail to always offer you the highest purchase offer in the market and with immediate payment.

Whatever your Mikimoto jewelry is, at Bonhill wewill evaluate every detail and give you a purchase offer with immediate payment.