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Vender relojes, joyas y diamantes al mejor precio de forma segura, fácil y con pago inmediato.

Vender relojes, joyas y diamantes al mejor precio de forma segura, fácil y con pago inmediato.

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Sell Bulgari jewelry

Bvlgari, since its inception, has had a strong link with the beauty of Rome. The influence of the architecture of the monuments of the Eternal City is indisputable. The mix of vibrant colors, the combination of geometric shapes and different volumes always represent the Italian city.

Selling Bvlgari jewelry is a unique moment just like your purchase, that’s why Bonhill has expert Bvlgari jewelry buyers who will guide and advise you through the process of selling your Bvlgari jewelry to make it a pleasant and trustworthy experience.

At Bonhill, thanks to our own distribution channel and the fact that we have no intermediaries in the sales process, we can guarantee that our purchase offer will always be the highest in the market and with immediate payment.

You can request a valuation of your Bvlgari jewelry by sending images or by making an appointment in our offices by Whatsapp, Phone, Online form or Mail.

Bulgari History

A love of geometry and vibrant colors.

The ingenious Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari founded the Bulgari firm in Rome in 1884. Over time the firm gained recognition thanks to the wonderful jewelry creations. The designs of these jewels stand out for the magnificent color combinations, the play of volumes and the repeated homages to the Italian capital.

Bulgari, despite having a strong link to its Roman roots, introduced game-changing innovations and new trends into the world of jewelry that have become iconic.

It is therefore essential to be advised by the best professionals when selling a Bulgari jewel, since only an expert will be able to identify the character and value of these pieces.

Some of the brand’s most iconic jewelry is its famous Fiore jewelry. For over 100 years, Bulgari has found its inspiration in the charm of flora. Creating creative designs from the beauty of flowers.

Ancient coins set in jewelry are one of Bulgari’s hallmarks, dating back to Ancient Rome. It was in the 1970s that the first Monete jewelry was introduced.

Did you know Bulgari Serpenti jewelry? The Italian firm began, in the 1940s, to use the snake as a muse for its designs. Over the years, the reptile has been very present in Bulgari’s trajectory.

Tubogas is a technique that was carried out during the second half of the 19th century and was revived by Bulgari in the 1970s. Thus, the flexible band with rounded contours became an icon of the firm.


What Bulgari Jewelry can you sell?

At Bonhill we specialize in the purchase and sale of Bulgari jewelry.
Our team is made up of true Bulgari enthusiasts who know the entire history of the firm and know how to appreciate its models such as the Emerald Glory necklace or the Blue Fantasy.

We buy all Bulgari jewelry of any year, from the oldest to the newest like the B.zero1 rings. If you have a model or an antique Bulgari jewel, do not hesitate to contact our experts so that they can give you the best valuation for your jewel.

Whatever your Bulgari jewelry is, at Bonhill we will evaluate every detail and offer you the best deal and immediate payment.