Tag Heuer watches are well known around the world especially for their close relationship with motorsport, having a very good reputation and market position thanks to it and the years of experience and good work of Tag Heuer. Selling a Tag Heuer watch is as special as its purchase, that’s why in Bonhill you will find expert watchmaking buyers who will guide and advise you in the process of selling your Tag Heuer to make it a pleasant and trustworthy experience. By not having intermediaries within our distribution channel, we can guarantee the highest valuation for your Tag Heuer watch and immediate payment.

If you want to sell your Tag Heuer you can get a valuation making an appointment to your nearest Bonhill office or sending pictures of your watch by Whatsapp, telephone, online form or email.

History of Tag Heuer – The value of experience.

Tag Heuer was started by Edouard Heuer in 1860 under the name of Heuer, but in 1985 the technology manufacturer of Formula 1 called TAG Group purchased a majority stake in the company, forming the wellknown brand of TAG Heuer. For this reason, Tag Heuer have many links with motorsport, and this added to the fact that it is a very innovative brand makes Tag Heuer one of the most important watch brands in the market.

Therefore, it is essential to be advised by the best professionals when selling a Tag Heuer watch, since only an expert can identify the character and value of these pieces.


What Tag Heuer watches do we buy?

We buy all Tag Heuer watches of any year, from the famous Carrera to the sporty Formula 1. Our team is made up of authentic professionals who know how to value all the models such as Tag Heuer Link, Tag Heuer Kirium, Tag Heuer 2000, Tag Heuer Formula 1 , Tag Heuer Alter Ego, Tag Heuer Monaco, Tag Heuer Autavia, Tag Heuer Monza and Tag Heuer Carrera.