How to SELL a PANERAI watch

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Panerai watches are the watches worn by the special forces of the Italian navy from 1936 to the early 1990s, and their watches were not available to civilians until 1993. Also Panerai does not make many copies of its models, which adds to the above that Panerai is a unique and attractive watch brand, and that each Panerai watch is special. That is why Bonhill has expert Panerai watch buyers who will guide and advise you in the process of selling your Panerai watch to make it a pleasant and trustworthy experience. At Bonhill, thanks to our own distribution channel and the fact that we do not have intermediaries in the sales process, we can guarantee that our purchase offer will always be the highest in the market and with immediate payment.

You can request a valuation of your Panerai watch by sending images or making an appointment at our offices by WhatsApp, Telephone, Online Form or Mail.

Panerai history
The value of experience

Panerai is an Italian luxury watch manufacturer that started in 1860 in Florence. This brand stood out from the beginning for manufacturing watches for the Italian Royal Navy, until from 1936 to the early 1990s Panerai made watches for the Italian Navy's special forces where many of its watches were designed by Rolex. Thus, in 1993 it was the first time that Panerai watches were made available to the public, and its history with the Italian navy added to the fact that it was the brand that was best promoted in the early days of the internet, has made Panerai watches become have become world benchmarks and are a sign of precision, complexity, security and elegance. For all the history that each Panerai watch has and the few examples of some of its models, it is essential to be advised by the best professionals when selling a Panerai, since only an expert will be able to correctly identify the character and value of these pieces.

What Panerai watches can you sell?

We buy all Panerai watches of any year, from the historic Luminor to the famous Radiomir. Our team is made up of authentic professionals who know how to value their models, such as Panerai Luminor, Panerai Radiomir, Panerai Manifattura, and Panerai Special Editions. Also, if you have another model or an old watch, do not hesitate to contact our experts so that they can give you the best evaluation for your watch. Whatever your Panerai watch, at Bonhill we will evaluate each of its details and we will give you the highest purchase offer in the market and with immediate payment.