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How can I sell my jewelry on Bonhill?

If you want to sell a jewel you can request an appraisal by WhatsApp or through our online form, and you can also call or write us by email or WhatsApp to make an appointment to obtain an appraisal from your nearest Bonhill office.

Why are Bonhill's purchase offers so competitive?

At Bonhill we have a distribution channel made up of 180 stores in the United States as well as a long list of private collectors, which together with the fact that we do not have intermediaries in the sales process allows us to offer our clients the best purchase offer on the market. for her jewelry.

What kind of jewelry can I sell?

We buy all kinds of jewelry, both modern and classic, be it a ring, a necklace or a bracelet, among others. Thus, we buy jewelery from the main brands such as Cartier jewelery, Bulgari jewelery, Piaget jewelery or Tiffany jewelery, among many other brands or simply jewelery from independent jewelers.
Whatever your jewel, one of our experts will attend you with the utmost professionalism and will evaluate it with the utmost precision, since our team is made up of true passionate about the world of jewelery who know the entire history of jewelery and its characteristics, as well as the history of the brands, their models and their variations, so they can give you the best offer for your jewel.

When will I receive the money for my jewel?

You will receive the money for your jewel immediately. Once the purchase agreement is signed, we will directly proceed to make the payment.

Do I need the papers and the box of my jewel to sell it?

To sell your jewel to Bonhill it is not necessary to have the papers and the box of your jewel, although the value of your jewel may increase if you have them, so it is advisable to sell your jewel with everyone with their papers if you have them. they.

What is Bonhill's method of purchase?

At Bonhill we always advise our clients to find the best option for their parts, and each client is treated according to our Security and Confidentiality program.
Thanks to our own distribution channel, our experts will give you the best evaluation for your jewel. Our team is made up of the best GIA graduates and that will guarantee you the best care and assessment.