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Breitling watches are the pioneers of aviation watches, which means that their parts are highly accurate and their watches stand out for their functionality. Bonhill has expert Breitling watch buyers who will guide and advise you through the process of selling your Breitling watch to make it an enjoyable and trustworthy experience. At Bonhill, thanks to our own distribution channel and the fact that we do not have intermediaries in the sales process, we can guarantee that our purchase offer will always be the highest in the market and with immediate payment.

You can request a valuation of your Breitling watch by sending images or making an appointment at our offices by WhatsApp, Telephone, Online Form or Mail.

Breitling history
The value of experience

Breitling, founded in 1884 in Switzerland by Léon Breitling, in its first years of life was a brand specialized in counters and chronographs for industrial and scientific purposes. Little by little Breitling was becoming a brand more related to the military forces and aviation, and this was what gave Breitling its success until today, being the most important watch company in the world of aviation.
Currently, because of this relationship between Breitling and aviation and the military, together with the precision and quality of Breitling watches, it makes its watches highly sought after around the world, whether new or second-hand. For this reason, it is essential to be advised by the best professionals when selling a Breitling watch, since only an expert will be able to correctly identify the character and value of these pieces.

What Breitling watches can you sell?

We buy all Breitling watches of any year, from the famous Breitling Navitimer aviation watch to the Breitling SuperOcean diver's watch. Our team is made up of authentic professionals who know how to value all their models, such as Breitling Navitimer, Breitling World, Breitling Cosmonaute, Breitling Chronomat, Breitling Cockpit, Breitling Starliner, Breitling Emergency, Breitling Aerospace, Breitling Airworlf, Breitling Super Avenger, Breitling SuperOcean, and Breitling Colt. Also if you have another model or an old watch, do not hesitate to contact our experts so that they can give you the best evaluation for your watch. Whatever your Breitling watch is, at Bonhill we will evaluate each of its details and We will give you the highest purchase offer on the market.